With more than 13 million artefacts from around the world, it’s hard to know where you should start in this expansive British Museum. From priceless objects like Assyria and Babylonia as well other places such as China or Europe, there are so many wonders here.

The British Museum is a location for tourists looking to experience history in the making. The most famous exhibits here include Elgin Marbles from Greece, Rosetta Stone, and colossal busts of Ramesses II, among many other amazing pieces that have been collected over time by different civilizations, which are on display throughout this historic building.

Whether you’re looking for books about ancient history or souvenirs of your trip, the museum has what everyone needs. They also sell different types of toys so that kids can spend time playing instead of being indoors all day long.

Once it comes to education and knowledge, the British Museum is your one-stop-shop. This museum not only has an extensive selection for adults but also sells kids’ games as well. You can find replica sculptures or jewellery if looking through some souvenirs from abroad will make good memories last longer on this trip too.”

The British Museum is one of the world’s greatest museums, with a variety to offer visitors. For those who are able to stay longer than usual, there will be lectures and workshops on display, as well as a restaurant open until late hours every night.

The British Museum is the largest museum in Great Britain and home to some very interesting artefacts. One example, a stone with writing on it which reads “Rosetta Stone” from Egypt’s Ancient civilization period, will be exhibited for all visitors who want to learn more about history.

The best way to enjoy the British Museum is by coming early in order not to have crowded galleries and picking one gallery that you want. If it’s your first time at this historical building, take advantage of the free taster talks they offer every day.

Located at Great Russell St., London, WC1B 3DG, United Kingdom, the British Museum is so large and busy that it can handle up to 6.5 million visitors every year, but things are least hectic early on a weekday—the downside of avoiding weekends is running into school groups huddling around Egyptian mummies or other museum pieces until later in the day when more adults/interested parties have come by for their own personal adventures.

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