Buckingham Palace’s Changing of the Guard is one event that cannot be missed during any visit to London, UK. The palace has been Britain’s most iconic building since 1837, and it’s also where you will find this spectacular display that features pageantry on an epic scale. Visitors can witness this iconic British building become a scene from dragging their horses and creating history as they change guards on behalf royalty.

This colourful and free display of precision marching music also takes place at St. James’s Palace, after which you can follow the band along The Mall as they march between sites.

The London home of the Royal Family has been one of Great Britain’s most famous landmarks since it first became their palace.

The sovereign’s palace is never without a guard of honour. The Royal Standard flies overhead, and members of the Guards Division, dressed in full uniform, stand watch over everything that happens within their domain – even when they are not on duty. On special occasions like weddings or other spectacles where there will be lots o’ royalty involved with attendees enjoying waved smiles from crowds below while VIPs lookout above them at all those adulating Upstairs.

In case you’re looking for a unique place to visit while in London, look no further than Buckingham Palace. This historic site has been the official residence of The British Royal Family since 1837 and houses some wonderful art pieces that are worth seeing. Be sure not to miss out on our list with what top things we think should be done during your trip so it won’t feel like just another tourist attraction shootout between museums but rather an informative experience given by someone who knows her way around this palace complex better than anyone else here today. Let me tell you – I’m quite peeved when tourists come through town saying they’ve seen more exciting places.

If you’re looking to take a trip down the British royal road, then I’ve got just what your heart desires. Buckingham Palace, located at Spur Road, London SW1A 1AA England, is open for tours during summer and select dates throughout winter/spring.

Visitors to the Palace will be taken on a tour of Buckingham Palace, where they can see the grand staterooms that have been used for entertaining guests on both official and ceremonial occasions. The opulent chandeliers are an indication of how much history this building has seen over time-packed with paintings by famous artists like van Dyck or Canaletto; English furniture made out of French woodwork while decorating these decisive spaces inside Queen Victoria’s castle.

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