The Columbia Road Flower Market is a place where you can find any type of flower imaginable. A romantic morning spent looking at the blooms with your loved one would be an amazing way for both people in love and single folks alike. There’s plenty more to do as well- during Sunday mornings; there are usually many shoppers walking around checking out what has been sold over recent days, while those who work during weekdays might want to take advantage by eating lunch at one of several nearby restaurants.

With fragrant flowers in every color and shape, the weekly Columbia Road Flower Market is a sight to behold. There are also many other stalls that offer anything you could imagine needing for your home or office space.

This otherwise unassuming East End street is transformed into a swath of magnificent plant life, the air fragrant with blooms and shouts from historic London’s Cockney stallholders. It’s as eccentric around here.

What a beautiful market. I love the hustle and bustles of this place, with so many different flowers to choose from. It’s hard not knowing what you want when there are options like that—you just have to take your time examining them all carefully before making up your mind about which plant will best suit whatever space or theme arrangement needs doing in yours today.

The Columbia Road Flower Market has everything you need for your outdoor space, with British-grown shrubs and perennials to incredible Dutch Calla-Lillies. Look out also if Dennis is selling his flowers as Saffron Flowers – he’s been here since 1973.

Located at Columbia Rd., London, E2 7RG, United Kingdom, the Columbia Road Flower Market is a beautiful way to start your Sunday in London, UK. This time of year, it’s not too chilly, and you can enjoy colorful flowers while still being able to take advantage of the gray skies. The best part about this market is all its Palm Trees that come every week or two for people like me who love tropical flair without having an actual palm tree at home.

The beautiful Columbia Road Flower Market is a popular destination for people who want to take Instagram photos and buy flowers, but it’s also worth visiting in real life. The market has been attracting more tourists recently because they can see how hardworking the traders really are – despite being surrounded by beauty all year round.

The market has a very specific customer base. For one, it’s popular with hipsters and tourists who want cheap flowers for their homes or hotels in London, but also locals because this place really does have something special: beautiful plants that can be grown easily on balconies all over town.

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