Covent Garden neighbourhood has a long and diverse history as both an important marketplace and eventually turned into London’s largest shopping mall. You can find anything here from high-end fashion to up-and-coming designers. The center of Covent Garden is the beating heart of this neighborhood. The vibe here changes from bustling tourist spots to lively, residential areas as you move closer towards Leicester Square or Piccadilly Circus tube stops on any given day – it’s always full of life.

The famous Royal Opera House and Donmar Warehouse bring in big-budget shows similar to New York’s Broadway. Many people know this area as the “West End,” so it might be worth seeing a show here if you’re visiting London. Somerset House is a modern art space that brings in some influential artists. The Strand, which runs through this neighbourhood as one hallway with retail shops and businesses on either side, makes it easy for visitors to find something they need while exploring what’s available at Somerset Space Centre or just taking advantage.

The outside of this core is quiet and sedated, yet it’s a livable area. There does seem to be an old-fashioned London feel behind the Strand with smaller streets where large homes exist. The Covent Graden neighbourhood has seen a lot of growth in recent years, with families moving back into this area. Some tremendous upcoming developments offer more modern living spaces for young professionals who want something different from the traditional condo or apartment complex feel without giving up on convenience.

Covent Garden is a London neighbourhood that stretches from Holborn in the north to Charing Cross Road just south of its border with Chinatown.

Covent Garden is more than just a place for theatres and shopping. You can find some great restaurants, or if you’re looking to get your hands on some history, then head over to the National Transport Museum Piazza, where all sorts of vehicles from around London come together in one spot.

In Covent Garden, looking for a delicious and unique vegetarian restaurant, look no further than Food for Thought. The menu changes daily, so each day is different from the last, but you’ll always be able to find something on their extensive list that has satisfied my appetite. Bill’s provides a laid-back atmosphere for brunch, lunch, and dinner. For those who enjoy their food cooked by the best chefs in town or if you’re looking to splurge on some steakhouse-style meaty moments, then head over to Bill’s. 

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