Visitors to London area can now walk atop the golden cockerel,88 feet above the ground. The Dare Skywalk involves embarking on a narrow glass-bottom path that snakes into Spurs’ new stadium and offers amazing views for visitors who enjoy seeing this iconic landmark up close.

The dare skywalk is an intense experience that requires you to book tickets in advance, but kids over age ten can go as long they’re accompanied by adults.

You’re not for anyone scared of heights, but the vibe here is really quite exhilarating. It’s an intense experience to feel like you’re about fall from such a great height, and it feels good when everything goes back into place – especially if your team wins.

When you’re walking on the Dare Skywalk, it’s hard to find a place that feels more London than this. The amazing thrill of being taken out of your comfort zone and experiencing something new leaves an exhilarating feeling in mind even if they lose at soccer games.

The experience of the Dare Skywalk is like an adventure in itself. You are taken along this walkway with qualified staff, and it’s all pretty safe because you’ll be hooked into place so you cannot fall—but sometimes there isn’t any barrier or handrail for support either; which means that if something does go wrong, then your guide will have to jump down right next to them. They may point out iconic spots from their perspective high above London’s skyline but also give insight about how great life can look when seen up close at street level looking over everything below us.

You’ll feel the air on your skin and hear birds chirping as you make your way up. It’s an exciting journey that will take 90 minutes, but once completed, it feels like nothing can stop us.

The Dare Skywalk is a unique viewing platform that offers an adrenaline-pumping experience to those who visit. It’s also home for the soccer fans out there or anyone looking just wants something different in their city life.

Located at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, London, England, N17 0BX, United Kingdom, The Dare Skywalk is an architectural marvel. The route winds its way up the outside of this stadium and provides visitors with breathtaking views over London from atop one roof space in particular – which has been fashioned out so you can spot some landmarks while standing there.

The glass-top stand at the South Stand is a sight to behold, with its huge capacity and unique design. You can either take an easier route up through this section of seating or venture off on some stairs for views from lower levels if you’re looking forward towards goalkeeping positions in addition to your own corner backs’ bench.

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