Highbury is a bustling, young professional neighbourhood in central London, UK area that’s well connected to all of the city by public transportation. It has an upscale feel with its cobblestone streets and row homes and functions as home for many families looking forward to future generations. The population is aging, but as these people are sticking around much longer than they used to, many have been highly successful and make a good deal of money.

The city is home to many people who have moved from all over the world to live here and work and play. This place has a lot going on; you’ll find everything, including apartments, single-family homes (not very many), townhomes, duplexes, etcetera. There’s a reason why most of the residences in this area are apartments. They tend to be on the more expensive side, and you won’t find very many single-family homes here for sale, as they usually pass down from generation to generation.

With a healthy bar and restaurant scene, Highbury has plenty of options for those who want to eat well. There aren’t as many stores in this area as far as shopping goes, but it still contains some great boutiques or shops.

The Highbury neighbourhood is bordered on the north by Finsbury Park, east with Stoke Newington and south Canonbury. West lies Holloway district. Geographical features and demographics define the borders of Highbury. It spans all ages, from young professionals who live there year-round to students attending one school until retirees making their homes in London’s most diverse neighborhood.

Nearby Highbury has a more residential feel than its southern neighbour, offering patrons of the area plenty to do. The locals at the Highbury neighbourhood are friendly, and there is always something going on that will keep you entertained, whether it be at one pub or another. However, when Arsenal plays their home games, things get rather hectic as people from all over want to make sure they watch this famous football team compete against other teams in competition for victory cups. But fear not because, with increased security measures implemented since 9/11, Londoners know how important enjoying themselves is while not worrying about their safety.

When it comes to education, Highbury residents have the best of everything. These schools are among many that serve this prestigious area and provide students with an excellent learning environment from which they can grow into successful adults or continue their progress at whatever level suits them most.

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