Knightsbridge is one of the most elite neighbourhoods in all of London area. Here, you will find people with money who aren’t afraid to show it off, and luxurious cars can be seen on every street corner. The city has a beautiful area for those who are past their partying days. The nightlife isn’t very significant, but high-end shops and restaurants make it a perfect choice for the residents of this neighbourhood.

Housing in this area is costly, with most people opting to rent apartments. There are grand homes available for sale, though, that can cost tens of millions of pounds- but only if you’re looking at the more expensive side. Most newcomers stick around after moving here because they know what living situation suits them best. This makes sense considering how popular the Knightsbridge neighbourhood is.

This part of London is known for its luxury goods. The two most famous department stores in this area, Harrods and Harvey Nichols offer expensive brands with luxurious styles that can be hard to find elsewhere. Sloan Street is a haven for those looking to shop on the latest trends. You’ll find flagship stores of designer labels like Prada and Dior and some unique shops specializing in one-of-a-kind pieces. A trip down Sloane street will introduce you not only stylish items but also some fantastic deals too.

This area is known for its luxury, and people are drawn to this place to marvel at its abundance. If you live here, it might feel like you’re on display due to some tourists’ attraction towards luxury items such as expensive homes or jewelry. Many homeowners want those passingby to see their properties so they can take advantage of any opportunity that comes along with marketing them too- which includes having attractive signs out front.

Knightsbridge has an elegant and prestigious air that is hard not to be captivated by. The western border takes you into Kensington Gardens, where one can find all sorts of expensive homes for those who make their living from London’s moneyed class. However, there are also other attractions like museums if they prefer more educational things, in which case Belgravia should offer plenty. On the south, the neighbourhood is bordered by Brompton.

The neighbourhood has several different ways to get around. If you’re in town for less than an hour, driving is usually the most convenient option as it will only take about 20-30 minutes at most (depending on traffic). There are two stations near central London for longer trips or vacations that involve taking public transportation instead of owning your vehicle where buses arrive regularly.  

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