Marylebone is an excellent neighbourhood for peace near London action. Almost all of what happens here can be found on this high street, with plenty of cafes with distinctive cuisine and boutiques galore. If you’re looking to shop or grab something quick bite, then head over one or two blocks east, where there are even more options at your disposal.

Conran Shop is the place to be for upscale home goods and design enthusiasts. You’ll find hundreds of places that will satisfy your appetite, so you might not want it any other way. There are so many great restaurants in this area. You’ll never run out of options. More continue to pop up every year. Some range from affordable ethnic food restaurants with a casual atmosphere like the L’Autre Pied. This Michelin star-rated favorite will challenge even your most particular taste buds.

The homes in this Marylebone are large and stately, with most being single-family houses converted into multi unit buildings. This makes this neighbourhood a perfect choice for singles or couples who want to live on big streets without having too much noise from other people around them. The single most powerful family in this area used to own all of these properties, so you’ll find a consistent design. In addition, there are views overlooking private gardens on many lots.

Gloucester Place is a popular area for students, with newly built homes that can be heard all across town. You’ll also find stylish boutiques in this neighbourhood.

There is something about the community that makes you feel at home. The people here are colourful and memorable, from those who sell their wares every week through independent businesses or just local legendaries in this little town they call theirs. Everyone knows each other’s names. Even celebrities hideout among these streets but keep to themselves more than most would expect. However, suppose one should venture outside of what seems like endless supply stores for shopping trips. In that case, there might be a chance you will encounter some well-known figure; hard not to pick them out among all others after seeing how different life can get away from civilization.

Marylebone is a haven for music enthusiasts with its rich history of venues like the Wigmore Hall and Cockpit. Art lovers will be excited by The Wallace Collection, an art museum that houses over three centuries’ worth of paintings. At the same time, those interested in theater can see performances at both locations on any given day. 

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