God’s power is visible in the architecture at St. Paul’s Cathedral, which cannot be overlooked by any person who visits this site. The magnificence and beauty that exists within these walls are enough to make anyone ponder upon what might have been created had they never existed or why did he do it exactly as he pleased, with no consideration given towards our feelings whatsoever.

The great St. Paul’s Cathedral is one of the most famous cathedrals in the world, and it has an especially impressive dome made by renowned architect Sir Christopher Wren (c. 1675). This masterpiece can be seen as another iconic symbol for London, UK area– though not quite on par with Big Ben.

The iconic St. Paul’s Cathedral, located at St. Paul’s Churchyard, London, EC4M 8AD, United Kingdom, is a London landmark, having been through the Great Fire and German Bomber attacks in its time. You can just show up at any event without tickets, but they’re cheaper if booked online- adult £16, or child £7. More specific events require separate bookings with advance booking necessary for some concerts etc.

The dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral is one that will awe you with its size and beauty, even if it doesn’t have any religious significance for the person who built or uses this place as their prayer space.

When you are in St Paul’s Cathedral, it feels like the sound waves are going straight through your body. The Whispering Gallery inside of this famous dome can be reached by climbing 259 shallow steps (not for faint-hearted) from the main hall, and once at the top, there will always find oneself surrounded with silence but hearing soft voices clearly as if they were right next door or down the street far away.

Visitors to London are sure not to miss out on the opportunity for a visit, tour, or even just meander through St Paul’s Cathedral. The Historical Site Guide will take you through all areas and give insight into what makes this such an important landmark in our world today.

Wren’s design is reflected in the magnificent architecture of St. Paul’s Cathedral, which houses a variety of memorials to national heroes such as Wellington and Lawrence OF Arabia, among others. You can also purchase an informative printed guide or good audio guide that will take you through this vast venue at your leisure.

This magnificent building is London’s most famous cathedral and a must-see for any visitor to the UK. You’ll find regular citizens as well as tourists here, alike; all coming from different backgrounds with one thing in common: an admiration of Wren’s workmanship that can be seen throughout this historic structure which has endured so much over its centuries-long lifespan but still stands tall today due largely thanks to those talented men who labored on it – both then and now.

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