Tate Modern is a former oil-fired power station that sits smugly in the centre of London’s South Bank, knowing you’re interested in what’s going on inside. The building houses many different types and styles of paintings by artists such as Picasso or Dali, with their works set off perfectly against this gritty industrial interior to make for one amazing sight.

With its new, twisted brick extension, the Switch House has doubled hanging space and offers beautiful views of the river from the top floor. This new extension has doubled the amount of hanging space and includes a nice view from up high for those who love taking pictures in front of their favourite scenery.

Tate Modern is home to one of the world’s most impressive modern art collections. The permanent exhibits span over 1,500 works but are split into broad themes such as “abstract” or “landscape,” so you don’t need any previous knowledge about art history in order to see what interests you. There will be something amazing here that catches your eye: maybe it’s a classic like Sir John Everett Millais’ Ophelia hanging on display alongside more recent pieces by Moore – whichever way, just take some time out today for relaxed sightseeing without having too much pressure bearing down upon.

Every summer, Tate Modern dishes out yet another mind-blowing exhibition to entice and captivate visitors with all it has in store. Whether you’re looking for a paid show or an ambitious commission that takes over one large space (the Turbine Hall), there is no shortage of inspiration here.

If you are in London and have some time, then I would recommend visiting Tate Modern. They have an exhibit running until 12 June 2022 that features Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirror Rooms installation, which creates endless reflections with mirrors placed all around the room as well lights shining down from above, creating countless universes within itself ( tickets cost $15).

What a diverse crowd! The Tate Modern’s visitors are from all walks of life. You’ll find art lovers, trendy students and families here every day – not just Londoners or tourists either; there is something for everyone to enjoy at this museum with great modern paintings by master artists like Picasso, Courbet etc., even if they’re not into visual arts themselves because you can as well go on guided tours where an expert will tell everything about each painting including its meaning which might change your perspective entirely afterwards.

Located at Bankside, London, SE1 9TG, United Kingdom, Tate Modern has some great facilities for visitors. The halls and corridors are wide plus spacious enough to accommodate everyone who wants to visit the museum without any trouble or delay in line. 

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