The Tower of London is a place where history has played out its most dramatic chapter. Built by William the Conqueror in 1066, this uncompromising slab was built on top occasions Royal mint and residence to also zoo, but it’s best known as prison or execution site-henceforth because Henry VIII ordered the bloodiest executions ever seen here with two wives; Anne Boleyn & Catherine Howard.

The famous landmark has been home to some of England’s most precious treasures, including the Crown Jewels. You’ll find a line, but you cannot come here without seeing it all. There are two options- one where we get high up into these beautiful towers with their incredible views over London, United Kingdom; another low tour which includes seeing where prisoners wrote messages about themselves when they were captured by enemies.

The Tower of London, located at St Katharine’s & Wapping, London, EC3N 4AB, United Kingdom, is a fascinating place to visit. For example, there are free tours by the Beefeaters (the red-coated yeoman warders) that take place every 30 minutes and give you an inside look into what once went on within these walls.

The Tower is home to some truly blood-curdling history, but if you’re looking for a guided tour that will leave your hair standing on end, then try the Twilight Tours (selected Sundays), where darkness and horror await within these walls.

The Tower of London is worth a stop, but you’ll get better food at one of the many cafés just down the street. There’s this beamed sit-down restaurant inside that we’re told offers tasty cuisine with historical British influences – however, there are also cheaper lunch options less than 10 minutes walk along River Thames where they serve up some incredible fish & chips.

The Tower is a must-see for any fan of history and architecture. The biggest draw, however; the jewels that line its walls – can be seen without too much trouble if you have an hour or two available.

This ancient building is the scene of some very recent history. The Tower of London’s interior has been exploring how it was used as a palace, fortress and prison over time – with each exhibition revealing something new about this fascinating institution.

Visiting the Tower is a popular tourist destination for many people in England. It has an admission price that can be costly and long lines, but these factors do not seem to deter anyone from going because they say it’s worth every penny spent as well, especially if you are interested in history or just want something different than what mainstream attractions offer. If I had more free time while travelling overseas, then this would definitely become one place we stopped at along our way.

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